NCMZ9 - Red Mezuzah Sacred City Design with Genuine Crystals

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Red Mezuzah Sacred City Design with Genuine Crystals, Hand Painting Enamel

Dimension: 5" L

Style# NCMZ9

*** It comes with a beautiful gift box


What is a mezuzah?

The Hebrew word mezuzah means “doorpost.” According to tradition, the mezuzah is to be affixed to the doorpost at the
entrance to a Jewish home as well as at the entrance to each of the interior rooms except for bathrooms. The mezuzah
itself consists of a small scroll of parchment (k’laf ) on which are written two biblical passages.  The first is Deuteronomy

Why do Jews affix a mezuzah to the doorpost of a home?

The custom of affixing a mezuzah to the doorpost fulfills the biblical commandment: “You shall write them upon the
doorposts of thy house and upon thy gates” (Deuteronomy 6:9). The mezuzah distinguishes a Jewish home and is a
visible sign and symbol to all those who enter that a sense of Jewish identity and commitment exists in that household.  
The mezuzah reminds us that our homes are holy places and that we should act accordingly—when we enter them and